• floraisabelperkins

The blog post where... I talk you through my last year as a Youth rider

My last year as a youth didn’t go as well I would have liked. I hoped to get better results and to make Junior Academy. I spent the majority of the year worrying about that. And I had reason to worry as I wasn’t producing the results to show that I should be chosen. I think that the reason that I wasn’t getting the results was, simply put, I wasn’t strong enough. In hindsight, I think that was due to how I was training. Sometimes I can blame my bad result on the conditions not being perfect for me or something not working out in my favour. This isn’t to say that these aren’t often valid factors or untrue. But rather to say that on the whole, the problem is potentially a bit simpler. If I train hard I get better, which often leads to better results.

I did, however, have a lot of fun in my last year. One highlight of my year was the Youth Tour of Scotland, It was an early-season race which meant that I was raring to go by the time it came round. We raced over three days on great courses and it rained on every day. I loved it. Honestly, four days racing away in Scotland with your friends is lovely.

I met lots of really genuinely nice people over the past few years and when you see the same group of people every other weekend you don’t have much choice but to be friends. Only joking. But seriously, one thing I have really loved about cycling so far is the friendships I have made.

Overall I have really enjoyed racing as a youth. There have been some frustrations but just as many positives. There are definitely things I would do differently but then again, hindsight is a great thing.

A shot of me, in the Green Jersey, on Stage 3 of the Youth Tour of Scotland.