• floraisabelperkins

The blog post where...I explain why I ride a bike

Cycling makes my life better, but a little harder. Juggling school work, family commitments, a bit of a social life and a fairly full on training schedule can get a bit overwhelming at times. So why do it? What motivates me to carry on riding my bike? Why do I train? And why do I race? What is it about riding my bike that I love so much? These questions tend to cross my mind when I’m cold and wet and still 50km from home. But they have answers. Good ones too! The desire to win is definitely part of it. But I'm not winning all that often! I actually love training hard and having something to focus my energy on. However training isn't always fun and I’ll be honest, it’s hard to muster up motivation for a turbo session. I mainly ride my bike because I love it. I really enjoy the people I ride with, something I’ve missed in lockdown. Bike rides out into the Kent countryside or Surrey hills is also an escape from a life in the city. But I could continue to ride my bike casually and still be able to enjoy training and appreciate the scenery and the social aspect of the sport. So the real question is, why do I race? I think passion plays a big part in why I not only ride, but race. I experience a roller coaster of emotions on race day. Before I race I feel the pressure to perform. After a race, I feel gutted or ecstatic. Hardly ever do I finish a race and just feel nothing. When I'm actually racing, the thrill of competition is exhilarating. So I reckon the answers is, it's a bit of all of it. It’s training hard. It's the escape. It’s people. Its racing.