• floraisabelperkins

The blog post where.. I rate Richmond Park

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship when it comes to Richmond Park. It’s about 30 minutes ride away for me and so it’s handy when I don’t have a whole load of time. But I never go for long rides there because after a while it gets really boring and the loops are repetitive. I realise, as someone who rides track, I should be used to riding in circles. But for a road ride, I crave something just a little bit more exciting. Despite this, on a weekday evening, a Richmond Park ride is ideal. It can often end up being my favourite part of the day. I normally riding there around sunset and the views of the sky are breathtaking. It’s so quiet and open, I feel that I’m no longer in London. That is - until I reach the top of a hill and see the lights of the city are sprawled out beneath me. I’ve tried to capture this moment on camera but the photos never quite do it justice. That may be due to my poor photography skills or the ‘basic’ camera on my phone. There are no cars at either end of the day and so the roads are clear. All I have to worry about is a few stray deer here and there. And so, it’s perfect for doing efforts. But I do have to stress that Richmond Park is best managed in small doses. And never, ever go on a Sunday morning.

And so I would have to give it a solid [insert drumroll]...7.

My attempt...